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The importance of health care cannot be stressed upon enough in a person’s life. Among the various parts of the body, prime importance is given to oral care. Why? Because dental care can be a precursor to various diseases. These diseases could even be fatal. Dentist in Mississauga often encourages their patients to visit them at least once in six months. This helps you and your dentist in Kenya to ensure that your oral health is always at its best. A dental check-up is an all-round assessment of your teeth, gums and tongue. It helps you steer clear of avoidable diseases. Stay aware of your oral health with regular checkups from Dental Access’s dentist in Nairobi.

What happens during a regular oral check-up?

  • Teeth are checked for cavities and damage
  • Gums are checked for bleeding
  • A basic teeth cleaning is done
  • Teeth polishing may also be done

Enjoy a smile which impresses with DentalAccess, dentists in Nairobi.

The first thing your dentist in Nairobi will do is check your teeth for cavities and other damage such as loose teeth and more. They will address immediate concerns and bring to your knowledge concerns you will have to look after. Some dentists in Nairobi even offer oral cancer detection tests during these visits. The second step is to check for gum bleeding or weakness. Gums are what hold your teeth together. They need to be well kept and well nurtured.

The dentist will then clean your teeth and remove visible tartar and plaque by a simplistic brush and floss routine. Your teeth may be polished to give it an extra shine. Dental visits are a great way to keep your oral health in check. Smile healthier with DentalAccess. Get checked by dentists in Kenya today. Make an appointment for a check-up today on

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